Founded on the hope for a brighter tomorrow, we are committed to recovery through affordable and high-quality care for all.
First Step of Sarasota’s inpatient detoxification program provides safe medical detoxification from substances such as, opiates, alcohol, cocaine, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, and methamphetamines.
Review the CSU Daily Schedule to get an idea of what care and services look like on a daily basis.
The purpose of this plan to assure access to speech, language and hearing services for person with disabilities, who are deaf or hard of hearing, and/or have limited English proficiency.
Drug Free Youth (D-Fy) is committed to the reduction of harm created by early use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco in the adolescent population.
Lightshare’s medical release form is a comprehensive document designed to obtain consent for the disclosure of an individual’s medical information in compliance with privacy and healthcare regulations.
When it comes to your health information, you have certain rights. This document explains your rights and some of our responsibilities to help you.
The Lightshare Residential Treatment Application serves as a crucial bridge connecting individuals in need of specialized mental health or addiction treatment with the high-quality services offered by Lightshare.
The purpose of this guide is to provide school leaders and administrators with key information regarding student assistance services.
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