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Whatever you're journey has been - we're here to shine light on the path ahead.

Please call our Central Receiving Service to get started (everyone starts at 941-RECOVER). We follow a No Wrong Door approach to mental wellness at Lightshare, which means we work to ensure that every person in crisis receives right level of care.

"No Wrong Door" means quality care for everyone.

At Lightshare, our No Wrong Door approach signifies the heart of our mission – to extend essential behavioral wellness and care to all, irrespective of background or financial status. Through our dedicated Central Receiving Service, accessible to everyone, we ensure that no individual seeking assistance is turned away. We believe in providing the precise level of care each person needs, fostering a compassionate and inclusive environment where everyone can embark on a transformative journey towards improved mental well-being.

Step 1

Call 941-RECOVER (941-732-6837). Everyone starts here. Our Central Receiving Service helps to ensure that your call and care is routed to the right place.

Step 2

Discuss your options with our Receiving Specialist and discuss the treatment plan ahead that aligns with your own unique behavioral wellness needs.

Step 3

Begin your treatment plan alongside a team of skilled team members who are there to support your recovery every step of the way.

Step 4

Discuss what treatment looks like on an on-going basis or what specific forms of follow-up will help to ensure your results are optiminal long-term.

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