Seasons is a state-funded, 30-90 day residential program offering co-occurring mental health and substance abuse treatment, incorporating daily therapy, 12-step meetings, evidence-based practices, and recreational activities for males and females.
  • 30-90 day residential program for co-occurring mental health and substance abuse conditions that incorporates daily group  and weekly individual therapy, daily 12-step meetings,  therapeutic activities, and psychiatric visits (as needed) into  a structured daily schedule
  • Serves males and females
  • State-funded through the Department of Children and  Families (no cost to client)
  • Clients are responsible for the cost of medications
  • Offers individualized treatment planning through evidence based practices, such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)  approaches
  • Exercise area and volleyball court to strengthen the body and  have fun during free time, while developing a program of  recovery
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