Programs & Services

Founded on the hope for a brighter tomorrow, we are committed to recovery through affordable and high-quality care for all.
Lightshare’s assessment center for those seeking services, crisis support, and guidance.
24/6/365 Medically Monitored detoxification for those in need of substance abuse intervention services. Individuals accepted can be voluntary or involuntary and must be 18+ to be admitted.
Goal to link with services that prevent them from becoming unstable & requiring a higher need of care
Lightshare’s Choices program is a residential treatment program for male clients with felony convictions that are involved with the Florida Department of Corrections (DOC) through either felony probation or community control
The Community Offender Rehabilitative Treatment (CORT) is a pilot program, in partnership with Sarasota County Corrections, that provides 40 beds of secure, residential behavioral health treatment for male offenders who are currently incarcerated in Sarasota County Corrections.
Crisis stabilization services those who meet the criteria for Baker Act. Individuals can be voluntary or involuntary admissions and must be 18+ or older to be admitted. Medicaid’s, Commercial Insurance and Indigent accepted.
Crossroads is a 6-18 month residential treatment program for female clients with felony convictions involved with the Florida Department of Corrections, offering structured therapy, parenting classes, 12-step meetings, and two phases of treatment to support reintegration into the community.
Drug Free Youth (D-Fy) is committed to the reduction of harm created by early use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco in the adolescent population.
Voluntary, outpatient alternative to jail for those facing charges associated with drug abuse behaviors.
Designed to assist adults who have DCF involvement or have lost custody of their children, due to substance abuse issues.
FLIP’s core objective is to enhance the well-being of young individuals, helping them to pursue their aspirations and achieve meaningful life goals.
A bridge for the legal system & mental health treatment
This program offers a supportive and confidential environment where individuals can embark on their journey towards healing and personal growth.
Office based opioid treatment program
This long-term residential program for substance-abusing pregnant women focuses on recovery as well as teaching parenting, nutrition and life skills.
Crisis intervention and assessment program that is contacted from the community for assessment of those in immediate crisis that needs assistance in de-escalation to divert from Baker Act hospitalizations and provide linkages to services through Lightshare.
A full array of outpatient medication-based services including psychiatric evaluation, medication management for adults and children and medication assisted treatment (MAT) programs for opioid and alcohol use disorders.
Lightshare’s Pathways program is a residential substance abuse and co-occurring capable treatment offering flexible lengths, evidence-based curriculum, and specialized services, providing a structured daily schedule that includes therapy, 12-step meetings, and therapeutic activities, with immediate bed availability.
A halfway house/sober housing program that includes four hours of therapeutic services each week and daily involvement with 12-step programs.
Mental health therapists provide on-site treatment to middle school students who are referred by school counselors or administrators.
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