Programs & Services

Founded on the hope for a brighter tomorrow, we are committed to recovery through affordable and high-quality care for all.
Lightshare’s assessment center for those seeking services, crisis support, and guidance.
24/6/365 Medically Monitored detoxification for those in need of substance abuse intervention services. Individuals accepted can be voluntary or involuntary and must be 18+ to be admitted.
Crisis stabilization services those who meet the criteria for Baker Act. Individuals can be voluntary or involuntary admissions and must be 18+ or older to be admitted. Medicaid’s, Commercial Insurance and Indigent accepted.
Crisis intervention and assessment program that is contacted from the community for assessment of those in immediate crisis that needs assistance in de-escalation to divert from Baker Act hospitalizations and provide linkages to services through Lightshare.
Provides intensive wrap-around/linkage services which include outpatient substance abuse, mental health treatment, detox, CSU, and MAT or residential.
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